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Hamas: The aggression against Jerusalem and Gaza will not achieve security for “Israel”

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, held the Israeli occupation responsible for its aggression against Jerusalem and Gaza.

The movement said in a statement, “We hold the occupation fully responsible for the dangerous escalation and blatant aggression against the Gaza Strip and our proud Palestinian people, and for what will happen in the region. This brutal aggression against Gaza, and the continued violations of the occupation against Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, will not achieve security for the occupation, nor will it make him has no right to victory in our land, our sanctuary, and the farthest place.”

Hamas affirmed that the Israeli aggression against Jerusalem and Gaza will not weaken our rebellious youth and our valiant resistance, which vowed to remain a shield and a sword to protect our people, Jerusalem and the Aqsa.

The movement called on our people, in all their places of existence, forces and factions, to move unified in an open battle to confront the occupation and its settlers, and to thwart their Judaization plans for Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, and to defend our people and their right to freedom and self-determination despite the nose of the occupation, whose destiny is to disappear, no matter how long it takes and what it costs.

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