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UN rapporteur: Genocide in Gaza is globally approved

The statement came in a post on X, responding to a report by the UN Human Rights Office, stating that Israel’s military carried out summary executions in northern Gaza. The report stated that it documented the execution of 11 unarmed Palestinians in front of their families.

Albanese said: “It is not that different from other massacres of civilians if you look closer.”

“#Genocide is a process, not a single act. It must be prevented but in Gaza -as in Sebrenica and Rwanda before – the world is just letting it happen”, she added.

In a different post, Albanese pointed out that the genocide and the massacres suffered by the children of Gaza are carried out by mercenaries from several countries, including France, the United States, Britain, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, South Africa, and India.

“National justice systems should be urged to investigate and prosecute their citizens who may have committed atrocity crimes abroad, including in the occupied Palestinian territory”, she stated.

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