Injuries and arrests in the West Bank amid armed clashes with resistance fighters

3 young men were injured, at dawn on Tuesday, by Israeli occupation forces during a raid in Ramallah, which they carried out after storming areas in Nablus and Jenin, during which they launched a campaign of arrests.

According to local sources, these forces stormed the village of Kafr Nima, northwest of Ramallah, and wounded 3 young men in the lower extremities, after clashes broke out.

The occupation forces arrested Amir Ataya after storming his house in the town.
Meanwhile, the two young men, Muhammad Badr and Muhammad Abu Siraj, were arrested from the village of Beit Liqia, in the district of Ramallah.

Other forces stormed the Khallet al-Amoud neighborhood in Nablus, and arrested the editor, Mutassim al-Nabulsi, the cousin of the martyr Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, who was assassinated by an Israeli force in August 2022.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Kayed Hamad was arrested from the village of Einabus, south of Nablus, after storming and searching his family’s house thoroughly.

Resistance fighters opened fire at the occupation forces as they stormed Khallet al-Amud and nearby areas.

In Jaba, south of Jenin, the occupation forces arrested 3 young men from a vehicle after surrounding it.

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