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Israeli aggression targeting a site in Syrian Quneitra

Israeli occupation launched on Sunday evening an aggression against Qars al-Nafl site, west of Hader, in Quneitra countryside.

“Sputnik” quoted a Syrian security source as saying: “The Israeli attack by artillery and missiles took place from inside the occupied territories on the Quneitra countryside.”

The source added, “The Israeli aggression targeted a site in Qors al-Nafl hill, west of the town of Hader in the northern Quneitra countryside.”

The security source said, “The engineering teams went to the site of the Israeli aggression, and are currently assessing the damage in preparation for announcing it officially.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on its website that the Israeli ground forces stationed in the observatories of Jabal al-Sheikh bombed with more than 20 shells the site of Qars al-Nafl, west of the town of Hader in the countryside of Quneitra, near the occupied Golan.

No information has been received about casualties so far.

The Qors al-Nafl site is an area where forces close to the Lebanese “Hezbollah” organization are stationed, and the site was directly targeted on August 17, according to the observatory.

On April 10, the Israeli forces carried out a ground bombardment targeting points within areas where the forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are present on the outskirts of the town of Sidon near the occupied Syrian Golan in the southern countryside of Quneitra, without information on casualties.

This came in response to the IRGC’s monitoring of Israeli movements from inside Syrian territory on the border with the occupied Syrian Golan.

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