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Israeli occupation continues to tighten its procedures at Hamra checkpoint in Jordan Valley

For the 23rd day in a row, the Israeli occupation forces continued to tighten their military measures at the Hamra checkpoint in the northern Jordan Valley.

The occupation forces set up the Hamra military checkpoint at a crossroads linking the cities of the West Bank with the central, southern and northern Jordan Valley.

Local sources reported that the occupation soldiers at the checkpoint stopped the citizens’ vehicles and searched them thoroughly, and checked the identity cards of the passengers, which impeded their access to their places of work and farms.

For 23 days, the occupation authorities have imposed a siege on the Jordan Valley, closing most of the roads leading to communities and agricultural lands, in addition to tightening military measures at the Hamra and Tayaseer checkpoints, and impeding the movement of citizens and farmers.

The closure of these roads impedes the daily life of the citizens who mainly use them. These roads are also vital passages for farmers to reach their lands, in addition to being essential passages for the delivery of agricultural products and marketing them outside the region.

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