Arab League condemns Israeli aggression against Palestinians

The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States condemned the escalating aggression and open war policy waged by the fascist Israeli right-wing government, and the massacres it commits against the Palestinian people, the latest of which happened in Balata camp, east of Nablus, at dawn today, which resulted in the death of a number of citizens and the injury of others, in addition to to a number of homes.

In a press statement, the Assistant Secretary-General for Palestine and the Occupied Arab Territories at the Arab League, Saeed Abu Ali, held the Israeli occupation government fully responsible for these systematic crimes, and for their repercussions and consequences.

He called on the international community to move from a state of silence, or to suffice with denunciation and condemnation, to direct and immediate intervention, and to take the necessary practical measures to provide an international protection system in the Palestinian territory, in implementation and enforcement of the relevant international resolutions.

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