Palestinians mourn the body of martyr Ashraf Ibrahim in Jenin

Large masses of Palestinian people mourned today, Monday,, with military ceremonies, the body of the freed prisoner martyr, intelligence officer Ashraf Muhammad Ibrahim, to his final resting place in the Eastern Neighborhood Martyrs Cemetery in Jenin.

The funeral procession set off in front of Jenin Hospital, towards his house, to take a final farewell look at the body of the martyr, before it was transferred to the Medina Mosque, where the mourners performed the funeral prayer for him.

Then the procession started with a mass march that roamed the streets of the city, while they were carrying the body of the martyr on their shoulders, wrapped in the Palestinian flag and the Fatah movement keffiyeh, towards the cemetery, where the body was buried.

The director of the General Intelligence Service, Brigadier General Ahmed Abu Hadid, the officers of the agency, the secretary of the Fatah region, Ata Abu Armila, members of the region and cadres of the Fatah movement, and a large crowd of representatives of official and national events participated in the funeral ceremonies.

The member of the Fatah region, Osama Bazour, confirmed in the speech of the Fatah movement and the intelligence apparatus, that the terrorism and criminality of the continuous occupation will not discourage our people from continuing the resistance and confronting its aggression, calling for rallying around our apparatus, which is the protector and defender of the security and lives of citizens.

At the end of the funeral, Brigadier General Abu Hadid laid a wreath on the grave of the martyr, in the name of the head of the General Intelligence Service, Major General Majed Faraj.

It is noteworthy that the officer in the General Intelligence Service spent 11 years in the occupation prisons, and died of injuries he sustained during the storming of the city of Jenin, and eight citizens were injured with live bullets, and six others were arrested, during the storming of several neighborhoods in the city today by the occupation forces.

And the “Fatah” movement announced the establishment of a funeral home for the martyr Ashraf Ibrahim in the Jenin Charity Association in the city of Jenin.

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