Prisoner’s Club: About 170 Palestinians from Jericho detained by Israel since the beginning of 2023

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said that since the beginning of this year, the occupation forces have arrested about (170) citizens from the Jericho governorate and the Jordan Valley.

The Prisoner’s Club added, in a statement, today, Monday, that the arrests carried out by the occupation forces, specifically in Aqabat Jabr camp, were accompanied by field executions, and systematic abuse of detainees and their families. Collective punishment), the vandalism that affected citizens’ homes, and the targeting of several members of the same family, including the families of martyrs who died during the current year, and we mention among them the family of the administrative detainee Wael Awadat, who killed two of his sons, Raafat and Ibrahim, and his third son, Abdel Hafez, was arrested .

The Prisoner’s Club pointed out that among the cases of arrest, 22 children under the age of 18 were transferred to administrative detention, and they are: Mawed Omar Al-Haj, Ali Bassam Al-Sheikh Ibrahim, and Jamal Khalil Brahma. 15 detainees from Ariha were transferred to administrative detention.

Among the detainees were also three who were shot during their arrest: Thaer Awadat, Hassan Awadat, and Saed Awadat, in addition to a group of detainees who were injured shortly before their arrest.

The last large-scale arrest campaign carried out by the occupation forces was on May 25, 2023, targeting (19) citizens, a group of whom were later released, during which the occupation raided about 40 homes, accompanied by abuse, intimidation, severe beatings, field investigations, and vandalism inside homes.

The Prisoner’s Club indicated that the arrests are constantly escalating, which constitute the most prominent and systematic Israeli occupation tools used by the occupation, in a continuous attempt to undermine any escalating confrontation, as the total number of arrests since the beginning of this year has reached more than 3,000 arrests.

The Prisoner’s Club confirmed that these figures not only reflect the escalation of arrests, but also the systematic and organized crimes and violations that accompany them against Palestinian citizens, which have escalated significantly since last year, which was the bloodiest year in 20 years.

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