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“Dangerous and shocking..” The Sinai Tribes Union publishes a story about Israeli soldiers killed in “border incident.”

Sinai Tribes Union published, on Saturday, a statement revealing what is being circulated about the Israeli soldiers who were killed by an Egyptian conscript in the “border incident.”

The Sinai Tribes Union said, “There are talks that the dead occupation soldiers had a lot of money in their jeeps.”

It added, “It is believed that they were waiting for the smugglers to receive the drugs had it not been for the intervention of the Egyptian soldier at his guard post and his pursuit of the smugglers from the Egyptian side until he crossed the border to clash on the other side with the Israeli soldiers, who in turn were with drug dealers.”

The federation stated that what it published was “transferred” and did not mention the source of the information to whom it was transmitted.

The federation also published a picture on “Twitter” that was circulated in the Hebrew media. It was said to be the emergency corridor through which the Egyptian conscript, who carried out the Egyptian “border incident”, entered Israel.

It reported that the Israeli army killed belong to the Panthers group that belongs to the 80th “Edum” division, which is a regional division of the southern regional command of the Israeli army, and from which the battalion or “Paran Brigade” branches out, the brigade is named after the Paran wilderness, in the Negev desert on the border with Sinai.

As it was published by the Sinai Tribal Union, the “Paran Brigade” includes and reinforces in one mixed formation (male and female) the “Karakal Brigades”, “The Lions of Jordan”, “The Panthers” and “Bardalus”, which are already operating within the 80th Division, referring to This brigade is unique compared to the rest of the Israeli army divisions, as it is a regional and regular brigade.

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