Israeli occupation forces storm Yabad, bulldoze a road, and raid the Electricity Authority building

The Israeli occupation forces today stormed the town of Yabad, southwest of Jenin, bulldozed a new road that connects the town with one of its suburbs, and raided the Yabad Electricity Authority building and nearby houses while destroying two vehicles.

The mayor of Yabad, Amjad Atatreh, said that the occupation bulldozers destroyed and closed the new 200-meter-long street used by school and university students and farmers, raided the Electricity Authority building and nearby houses and searched them while interrogating the employees and residents, and caused material damage to two vehicles.

The forces also set up military observation points on the roofs of the houses.The army imposed a military siege on the town earlier this week, closed all access roads with dirt and checkpoints, and prevented people from entering or leaving the town, disrupting the sitting of high school students for the final matriculation exams, the tawjihi.

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