Israeli forces continue to cordon off mosque in Jenin camp

Israeli occupation forces today have continued since hours to cordon off al-Ansar Mosque in al-Damej neighborhood of Jenin refugee camp.

A military bulldozer has been levelling around the mosque for hours while firing heavily and calling through loudspeakers for citizens inside to surrender, amid violent confrontations and intense presence of Israeli reconnaissance planes.

Violent confrontations also broke out in the vicinity of Jenin Hospital, during which the Israeli troops fired live bullets and tear gas canisters.  The sounds of explosions were heard echoing across the camp.

Nine Palestinians have been so far killed and 50 were injured in the ongoing large-scale Israeli air and land assault on Jenin.

Israeli occupation army launched a major assault on Jenin since dawn today, starting with airstrikes before dozens of military vehicles and several hundred soldiers raided the city, concentrating on its refugee camp.

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