Number of martyrs rises to 10 as Israeli occupation continues its aggression against Jenin for second day

On Tuesday morning, the body of Uday Khamaysa, a resident of Jenin camp, was found lying in agricultural land inside the camp, bringing the number of martyrs of the ongoing Israeli aggression for the second day in a row to 10.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are about 100 wounded, including 20 in serious and critical condition.

During the hours of the night and this morning, the occupation forces continued their massive operation in Jenin and its camp, amid great destruction of homes and infrastructure.

Many explosions were heard at night and at dawn, as well as intermittent clashes.

In a statement, the Israeli occupation army claimed that it destroyed, during the hours of last night and dawn and this morning, an underground well that was used to store weapons and explosives, in addition to destroying two combat management units, and detonating a large explosive device found in the city, in addition to finding weapons and equipment. and confiscated.

While the Hebrew channel Reshet Kan quoted Daniel Hajari, a spokesman for the Israeli army, that there are 300 armed men in Jenin and its camp, and there are 160 of them known and wanted, and 120 were arrested, and more than 5 laboratories for the manufacture of explosives were destroyed.

He pointed out that there are more than 10 remaining targets in the center of the camp, which will be reached to continue the operation.

He stated that more than 1,500 Palestinians from the camp’s residents left their homes tonight from the fighting areas.

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