Palestinian shot and murdered in Jenin by IOF hours before their withdrawal leaving behind heavy damage

A 22-year-old Palestinian man was last night shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in the northern West Bank city of Jenin only hours before the army’s withdrawal from the city and its refugee camp.

The Ministry of Health said Jawad Mujahed Neirat, from the Jenin-area town of Maythalon, was shot in the head and killed, which raised the number of Palestinians killed in Jenin in two days of military assault to 12.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army left the refugee camp early this morning leaving behind heavy destruction to homes and infrastructure.

Israel sent over 1000 soldiers of its top elite units and more than 150 military vehicles into Jenin and its refugee camp on Monday hoping to rout out the armed Palestinian fighters.

In the process, the soldiers shot and killed 12 people, most of them civilians and five of them children under 18 years of age, and more than 140 injuries, with more than 20 remaining in critical condition.

An Israeli soldier was also killed in the assault and another was wounded.

After failing to achieve its goal following two days of destruction and killing in Jenin, Israel started last night to pull out its forces, which was completed this morning.

People returned to their homes, which they were forced to leave by the soldiers on Monday night, to find out that their homes were ransacked and heavily damaged as soldiers would knock down walls to move from one house to another in the crowded and small refugee camp.

More than 11,000 people live in Jenin refugee camp in an area of half a square kilometer.

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