Roman-era sarcophagus uncovered in Gaza

A Roman-era lead sarcophagus was uncovered in the Gaza Strip yesterday, the second such discovery this year.

“A second lead sarcophagus was found during excavation works in a cemetery north of Gaza,” Jamal Abu Raida of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Gaza said.

“The sarcophagus belongs to dignitaries in the Roman era,” he added.

In February, Palestinian authorities uncovered a lead coffin in the same cemetery that was discovered north of Gaza last year.

“The sarcophagus will be transferred to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to conduct studies and research with the assistance of French and other international experts and archaeologists,” Abu Raida said.

Palestinian authorities estimate that around 125 Roman-era cemeteries have been discovered in Gaza.

Gaza was one of the ancient cities of the world. It was ruled by the Pharaohs, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Muslims.

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