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Morocco: opposition calls for end to normalisation with Israel

The Moroccan Unification and Reform movement, the advocacy wing of the opposition Justice and Development Party, renewed yesterday its rejection of normalisation with Israel. “This is a path that might turn Morocco into an arena for regional and international conflicts and Israeli infiltration, in a manner threatening security and stability in the region,” it explained.

The movement issued its statement after its annual general meeting, which lasted for three days in Taroudant. “Normalisation is not consistent with the role of Morocco, which has been involved strongly in supporting Palestinian rights and struggle.” It called upon the government in Rabat “to withdraw from the path of normalisation, sever relations with Israel, and align itself with Morocco’s glorious history in supporting Jerusalem.”

The North African country’s enemies, said the movement, should not have any opportunities “to take advantage of every stage [of normalisation] to increase tension and harm the image of Morocco, which has been declaring that the Palestinian issue is equal to the issue of the Moroccan Sahara.”

It repeated its refusal to make the Sahara issue a matter for “blackmail, bargaining or barter” because it is a “just issue related to the unity of the nation” and the rejection of fragmentation and separation.

Israel and Morocco announced the resumption of diplomatic relations on 10 December 2020. They had been suspended since 2000.

Last week, the Moroccan Royal Court announced that Israel had recognised Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed this decision in a message to King Mohammed VI.

The announcement was described as “seismic” in the media. “This long-awaited development was a requirement for Morocco’s agreeing to join the 2020 Abraham Accords, the normalisation agreements between Israel and a number of Arab states,” explained Arab News.

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