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Israeli court’s refusal to release ill Palestinian detainee Walid Daqqa is a death sentence, says family

The Israeli District Court’s decision not to grant the ill freedom fighter Walid Daqqa, who completed 37 years behind bars for his resistance to the Israeli occupation, an early release from prison due to his deteriorating health condition is equivalent to a death sentence, today said the Daqqa family after the Israeli District Court in Lydda rejected the family’s appeal for the early release of its son.

Walid Daqqa has ended his actual life sentence, later commuted to 37 years, since March 24. However, two more years were added to his sentence after accusing him of attempting to help prisoners to contact their families by phone.

The Daqqa family said in a statement that the court rejected the early release of its son despite the extreme danger to his life as a result of the deterioration of his health condition during the past five months. It said he is still undergoing inappropriate treatment in the Ramle prison clinic.

“We, the family and the campaign for the release of the prisoner Walid Daqqa, consider any decision or judgment that does not lead to the immediate release of the prisoner Daqqa an authorization to execute him by procrastinating in deciding on his release despite the very high degree of danger in his health condition, which was recognized even by the report of the occupation’s Prison Services,” it said, adding that despite this report and the termination of his actual sentence five months ago, the court refused his immediate release.

The family called on all political and popular parties to support its campaign at all levels in the Arab world and globally until the release of Daqqa, stressing that it will petition the Israeli Supreme Court for his release.

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