Four houses demolished, five more to be torn down by the Israeli occupation forces in a Jericho-area village

The Israeli occupation authorities today demolished four houses in the village of al-Diyouk al-Tahta, west of the ancient city of Jericho in the east of the occupied West Bank, and five more houses are slated for demolition in the same area under the pretext of construction without a permit.

Issam Samrat, a local activist, said that more than 15 army jeeps and four bulldozers broke into the village and proceeded to demolish the four houses, one of them 150 square meters in area that was still in the construction phase.

He said the soldiers also informed four other homeowners that their houses will also be demolished for construction without a permit in what they said is Area C, which is under full Israeli military control.

The soldiers also took measurements of another house in preparation to demolish it.

The occupation authorities have been targeting al-Diyouk al-Tahta in an effort to empty it of its Palestinian residents to prepare it for its illegal settlement schemes in the area.

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