Three Palestinians injured in an attack by settlers in Bethlehem

Three Palestinian civilians sustained injuries this evening in an attack by Israeli settlers in the wilderness of Tuqu village, in the occupied West Bank province of Bethlehem, according to local sources.

The Mayor of Tuqu, Taysir Abu Mufarreh, said that a group of Israeli settlers set up a roadblock and prevented Palestinians from accessing their lands. As soon as the latter approached the roadblock, the settlers attacked them, spraying them with pepper gas and physically assaulting them.

The attack resulted in injuries to three Palestinian civilians, who suffered burns and suffocation as a result of the pepper spray.

Of note, Israeli settlers, often under the protection of Israeli occupation forces, have escalated their attacks against Palestinian residents in the Tuqu wilderness area. These violations include setting up tents, assaulting civilians, and preventing them from accessing their lands.

Settler violence in the occupied West Bank raises concerns about the safety and security of Palestinian civilians living near Israeli settlements, and emphasizes the need for international attention to address this issue.

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