On the eve of Women’s Day: More than 9,000 Palestinian women killed in Israeli aggression against Gaza

A United Nations report highlights the unprecedented toll the Gaza war has taken on women, with at least 9,000 women martyred since October 7. UN Women’s report, issued in early March, underscores the ongoing suffering of Gazan women amidst the devastating effects of the war. The Israeli aggression has disproportionately affected women, with an estimated 9,000 killed by Israeli forces, although the actual number may be higher due to many women remaining under rubble.

The report reveals alarming statistics, indicating that daily casualties among women average 63, with approximately 37 mothers killed daily, leaving behind shattered families and vulnerable children. Food insecurity is rampant, with 84 percent of families consuming half or less of their usual food intake. Mothers and adult women bear the burden of finding food sources, often sacrificing their own meals to feed their children.

Access to food is a dire challenge, with 87 percent of women finding it more difficult than men. Some resort to extreme measures, such as scavenging under rubble or in trash bins. Despite the heroic efforts of women’s organizations, only a fraction of funding raised through the 2023 Flash Appeal has been allocated to these critical groups. Directing funding to local women’s rights organizations is essential to address the urgent needs of women, families, and communities.

The report underscores the urgent need for a humanitarian ceasefire to prevent further loss of life in Gaza. It calls for an immediate halt to killings, bombings, and infrastructure destruction, and urges the immediate entry of humanitarian aid to all parts of Gaza.

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