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Majdal Shams: movement against an Israeli plan targeting their lands

Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights is witnessing a movement and struggle against a plan aimed at confiscating the rest of the lands intended for young couples.

Today, Sunday, dozens of Majdal Shams residents demonstrated in front of the local council building against the new structural map, which confiscates hundreds of dunums of the village’s endowment lands for the benefit of the Israeli “Absentee Property Department”, claiming that they are “state lands”, which have been owned by residents for hundreds of years.

The demonstrators headed from Majdal Shams towards Masada to demonstrate in front of the offices of the Israeli Planning and Building Committee, and to object to the unfair decision.

The social activist, Ramez Rabah, from Majdal Shams, confirmed in an interview with “Arabs 48” that “the previous struggles of the people of the Golan against the confiscation of lands and against the wind turbines project, made them drag on the tails of defeat and retreat from their plans that targeted the lands of the people of the Golan.”

He pointed out that “for about 20 years, the Endowment Committee, composed of sheikhs and youth, has been working on dividing and concentrating the lands that are owned by the people of Majdal Shams, as each young man will get an area of 400 square meters to guarantee his future.

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