Within a week, 3 martyrs, 12 Israelis wounded in 185 resistance actions in West Bank

Acts of resistance continued in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem during the past week, and resulted in the injury of 12 settlers and soldiers, while 3 civilians were killed.

During the period from 05/19/2023 to 05/25/2023, the Palestinian Information Center “Maati” documented 185 acts of resistance, including 24 shootings and one attempted run-over.

The rebel youth burned a military facility of the occupation, in addition to destroying 7 Israeli vehicles and military equipment in separate parts of the West Bank.

The youths threw Molotov cocktails and firecrackers in 9 locations, and confronted settlers in 15 areas in the West Bank.

Also, resistance fighters detonated 7 homemade bombs against the occupation forces, while 67 confrontations broke out between the youths and the occupation forces, including 50 stone-throwing operations.

The martyrs who died during the past week in the West Bank are: Muhammad Bilal Abu Zaytoun, Fathi Rizk, and Abdullah Abu Hamdan from Balata tents in Nablus.

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