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Prisoner from Gaza is blessed with 4 twins through smuggled sperm

The wife of Palestinian prisoner Ahmed Al-Shamali from Gaza City gave birth today, Monday, to 4 twins, whom she conceived through “smuggled sperm” from her husband in the occupation prisons.

It was announced that the wife of the northern prisoner gave birth to her four children in early May, at Al-Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem, and they were transferred to the “prematurity and newborn” department, before they left, today, Monday, accompanied by their mother, to the Gaza Strip.

According to the available information, the twins were born in the 32nd week of pregnancy, and they are 3 males and a female, Abd al-Rahman, Kinan, Rayan, and Najah.

It is noteworthy that the 38-year-old prisoner of the North, a resident of the Shujaiya neighborhood in eastern Gaza, was arrested in August 2008 and sentenced to 18 years in prison, and 3 years from his freedom.

Prisoners who have been sentenced for a long time or expect high sentences usually go through this experience, noting that Muhannad Al-Zaben, the first child that was given birth to by the wife of prisoner Ammar Al-Zaben from the West Bank in 2012, by smuggling “sperm” from inside the prison.

With the four children, the number of “ambassadors of freedom,” who are the children of prisoners who were born through sperm liberation operations outside prisons, has risen to 122, according to institutions dealing with the affairs of prisoners and their families.

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