How do Jordanians view normalization with “Israel”?

A poll conducted for the Washington Institute for Studies showed that 84% of Jordanians reject any kind of relations with Israel.

According to the poll, which was conducted between March and April 2023, despite the peace concluded between Jordan and Israel nearly 3 decades ago, the Jordanians showed a strong aversion to Israel, although they still preferred de-escalation in the region.

The poll indicated that 84% of Jordanians oppose concluding business deals with Israeli companies, even if it would help their economy. They also oppose cooperation with Israel in other aspects.

76% of Jordanians expressed their refusal for Jordan or any other Arab country to receive humanitarian aid from Israel, even in emergency humanitarian cases such as an earthquake or other natural disaster.

Also, 72% of Jordanians supported the protests against Netanyahu’s right-wing government, considering these protests a positive development of events.

In a related context, the poll showed that 53% of Jordanians welcome the return of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and its positive impact on the regional situation, while 44% expressed their dissatisfaction in this regard.

Although more than half of Jordanians support the resumption of Saudi-Iranian relations, 45% of them consider Iran a rival country, and 42% consider it an enemy. However, they refuse to launch any major American or Israeli attack against it.

Jordanian attitudes towards Arab cooperation with Israel to fight Iran were also largely negative, as 69% opposed the possibility of cooperation, and in the same context 59% opposed the idea of an Arab country possessing a nuclear bomb in order to confront Iran.

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