Help over 1,000 Palestinians to survive in besieged Gaza.

Alkofiya started a new fundraiser on Saturday to help over 1,000 Palestinians survive in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The fundraiser is supposed to pave the way for the Alkofiya crew to distribute food baskets to 500 poor families, plant 1,000 trees across the besieged Gaza Strip, provide school supplies for 1,000 Palestinian students, and more…

“You can follow this journey and see the impact of your donations as we will post photos and share the moments with you all through our official Website, Youtube channel, and Social media pages.”

Abdalrahim Alfarra, Co-Founder of Alkofiya Group.

Here’s a link to read more and donate:

Alkofiya is a Gaza-based group that communicates the truth about the Palestinian Cause to the outside world.

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