Human rights report documents 23 attacks by Israeli occupation in West Bank during March

A human rights report documented 23 attacks by the occupation forces against the professional and trade union sector in the West Bank, during the month of March, in addition to 12 attacks by the authorities and (8) by citizens.

In its monthly report, the Palestinian Islamic Trade Union “Taalouf” indicated that two union elections were held in professional and trade union sites, in addition to 13 movements and protest stops, and 43 attacks against the trade union and professional sector in the West Bank.

The assembly documented the holding of elections for a new administrative body for the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Central Zakat Committee, and the election of a new administrative body for the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce and Industry for the 2023-2027 session.

As for the protest movements, the gathering documented 13 protests, most notably the holding of sit-ins, strikes and the suspension of working hours by teachers, due to the government’s intransigence regarding the implementation of the agreements concluded with it regarding bonuses and salary improvement, and the Palestinian Bar Association’s announcement to suspend work before all courts in The Bank rejected the amendment of court fees and the suspension of the notary bonds regulation.

The gathering pointed to the implementation of strikes and the suspension of work in hospitals and outpatient clinics, at the invitation of the Doctors Syndicate, which announced that it is outside any agreement that does not meet what was signed, due to the government’s disavowal of the signed agreements.

He stated that there are protest and media measures to protect the rights of journalists at the invitation of the Journalists Syndicate, due to the government’s failure to respond to its demands to raise the salary and cost of living allowance.

The assembly pointed out that the violations committed by the occupation against the professional and trade union sector included the seizure of bank accounts and cars of Jerusalemite prisoners and their families, the arrest of Jabal al-Mukaber club player Ahmed Abu Khadija, and the issuance of a decision to demolish the “Challenge 5” basic school and the Jab al-Dib school in Bethlehem, and the raid on al-Makassed Hospital in Occupied Jerusalem, the attack on the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah, the issuance of a notice to demolish the Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque in Khashm al-Karm, south of Hebron, the attack on the town of Huwwara, the imposition of strict measures on Nablus, the closure of roads and shops, the burning of a truck in an attack by settlers, and the attack on an ambulance belonging to the Crescent Al-Ahmar and storming the “Marcel Productions” company, summoning the employees and interrogating them.

Among the most important violations committed by the Palestinian Authority security services was the arrest of engineer Faris Jabbour after his home was barbarously stormed in Nablus, the arrest of journalist Moath Washha in Ramallah, and the kidnapping of the young man, Muhammad Bleila, from his workplace, after he was brutally beaten, verbally abused, and armed in Nablus, and The arrest of photojournalist Wahaj Bani Mufleh in Nablus, the kidnapping of engineer Zaki Rimawi in Nablus, the arrest of activist Ayman Abu Aram in Ramallah, the arrest of activist Ayman Abu Aram in Ramallah, the arrest of journalist Nour Khallaf from inside the printing press he works in, and the contents of the printing press were confiscated and sent He requested a summons for his brother and the arrest of the engineer, Islam Al-Wardian, from his workplace in Bethlehem.

Taalouf also recorded 8 violations committed by two citizens, the most prominent of which are: Yazan Jabr, the head of the Engineers Association branch in Nablus, shooting at the car, Ayman Al-Masry, the lecturer at An-Najah University, and the killing of the young man, Muhammad Fares Samih Hammad, 27, as a result of being shot in the village of Wadi Al-Nuss, district Bethlehem, and the head of the Criminal Commission in Tulkarm Court of First Instance, Judge Imad Thabet, was stabbed in front of his house by one of the criminals, and gunmen opened fire on the Mermiya restaurant hours after its opening in Jenin, and a girl was killed by a stray gunshot that hit her during a quarrel in the Jenin area .

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