Young man murdered by Israeli bullets near Al-Aqsa Mosque

A young man (26 years old) from the village of Hura in the Negev was shot dead by the Israeli occupation soldiers, late on Friday evening, near Al-Silsila Gate in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, while the occupation forces closed the doors of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in the face of the Palestinians.

Jerusalemite sources confirmed that “one of the young men was shot by the occupation soldiers, when he was trying to protect a Palestinian woman.

Local sources in the Negev stated that the martyr was Muhammad al-Osaibi from the village of Hura. He studied medicine in Romania and recently passed the exam to practice the profession in the occupying country.

A statement issued by the occupation police claimed that “a young man attacked a policeman and tried to seize his pistol during his interrogation near Al-Silsila Gate, before police officers at the scene shot him,” according to the occupation police statement.

Witnesses said that the occupation forces arrested a young man during their assault on young men near Bab al-Silsila, and also assaulted Jerusalemites and owners of shops and commercial stalls in the Qatanin Market in the Old City.

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