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Recording the highest number of administrative prisoners since the second intifada

The number of administrative prisoners until the beginning of this April reached 971 prisoners from the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Palestinian interior. As for the Jewish administrative prisoners, the highest number was recorded since 1994, which is only 4 prisoners.

According to the data of the Israeli army, last year the commander of the central region issued a total of 2076 administrative detention orders, including 2016 orders that were considered in military courts, where 90% of them were approved, while the administrative order was revoked for only 1%, in addition to reducing orders Arrest for 7% of the prisoners.

According to the Prison Service data, the number of Palestinian security prisoners in prisons until the beginning of this April reached 4,765. For comparison, 4,634 prisoners were recorded in prisons in 2020, but with only 434 administrative detainees, compared to about a thousand of these. the days.

The data show that the number of Palestinian prisoners in general has not changed during the past two years, but the number of administrative prisoners has changed, which shows a dramatic increase in the number of administrative detainees without trial.

And the talk is about detention that is mainly intended for exceptional cases only, against which there is no open evidence, as the occupation intelligence resorts to requesting administrative detention based on the so-called secret file, the contents of which are not shared with the detainee or his lawyer. Detaining the prisoner without his knowledge of the charges against him.

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