Two young men murdered by occupation bullets, others detained during a large military operation in Nablus

Two young men were murdered by the Israeli occupation forces, during a massive raid in the center of Nablus on Monday morning.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the martyrdom of Muhammad al-Hallaq al-Qatouni, a resident of al-Ain camp, and Muhammad Abu Bakr, the deputy head of the Fatah movement, Mahmoud al-Aloul, by the occupation bullets in Nablus.
Martyr Muhammad al-Hallaq al-Qatouni

The martyr al-Hallaq was pursued by the occupation forces, as he was imprisoned by the security services of the Palestinian Authority, and he was released on the first day of Ramadan with his personal guarantee.

The occupation forces stormed the old town of Nablus before quickly withdrawing from it, and later concentrated their operation in the neighborhoods of Al-Makhfiyya, Fatayer and Tal Street, in the city center, in which the military operation was concentrated.

Rebels fired at those forces, and several local explosives fired elbows.

The occupation forces arrested the two young men, Nidal Tabanga and Ezz Touqan, from their homes in Fatayer and Al-Makhfiyya, confiscated their mobile phones, and broke the contents of the two houses.

The Hebrew Ynet website claimed that the two detainees were roaming in Erin al-Aswad, and they are suspected of being involved in a shooting attack in the town of Hawara, south of Nablus, about a week and a half ago, which resulted in the injury of 3 soldiers.

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