Erdogan calls for necessity of uniting Islamic world against Israeli aggressions in Palestine

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for the necessity of uniting the Islamic world in the face of the recent Israeli aggressions in Palestine.

This came in a phone call between Erdogan and his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, according to a statement issued by the Turkish Presidency’s Communication Department, today, Friday, according to the official “Anatolia” agency.

The two presidents discussed “bilateral relations, and regional developments, foremost of which is Israel’s attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem,” according to the text of the statement.

During the call, the Turkish president stressed “the importance of the unity of the Islamic world in the face of the escalating Israeli attacks against humanity in Palestine, especially in Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Erdogan stressed “the need to prevail over wisdom to prevent a new cycle of violence, and that it would be useful to take initiatives to direct all parties to arbitrate the language of reason and logic.”

He also called for continuing joint efforts to “preserve the status of holy sites in international forums, foremost of which is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations.”

Erdogan stressed, “the importance of showing this unity in the face of the recent incidents of burning copies of the Holy Qur’an in some European cities, especially in front of the Turkish embassies.”

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