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Israel concludes a military deal worth 1.44 billion shekels with Greece

Israeli Ministry of Security announced today, Sunday, the conclusion of a deal with the Greek Ministry of Defense, worth 1.44 billion shekels, to supply Athens with Spike anti-tank missiles produced by the Israeli Arms Development Authority (Raphael).

A statement issued by the Israeli Ministry of Security stated that the Director General of the Ministry, General Eyal Zamir, signed the agreement on the Israeli side with the head of the Directorate of the Procurement Unit in the Greek Ministry of Defense, General Aristidis Alexopoulos.

He explained that the agreement includes the export of shipments of “Spike” anti-tank missiles in its sea, air and land versions. He said that the value of the agreement is estimated at 1.44 billion shekels (about 370 million euros – 400 million dollars).

The statement stated that Greece joins 19 countries of the European Union and NATO allies and 40 countries around the world, all of which use Spike missiles that can be launched from about 45 land, sea and air platforms.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Security, Israel has so far exported 34,000 Spike missiles to various countries around the world, and more than 6,000 of them have been launched, whether as part of a training routine or during operational use on the battlefield.

The statement quoted Defense Minister Yoav Gallant as saying that “the technological strength of the security system allows Israel political and economic achievements,” and added that “the current deal joins a series of recently signed deals.”

He considered that these military deals “testify to the strong partnership between Israel and the importing countries and between their security regimes and their commitment to work to ensure stability in the region.”

For his part, the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Security, Zamir, said, “The agreement with the Greek Ministry of Defense is another expression of the strategic partnership between the two countries. It joins a series of military cooperation worth billions of shekels that we signed in recent years.”

“We welcome the agreement with the Greek Ministry of Defense and thank the Ministry of Defense for strengthening cooperation with Greece in general and this deal in particular,” said Rafael CEO General Yoav Har Even.

And the head of the state-owned company, Rafael Military Industries, said that the Spike missiles “will enrich the operational tools of the Greek army, and we look forward to further expanding strategic cooperation in the near future.”

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