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About 122 workers from West Bank arrested in the 48 lands, last week

The Secretary-General of the Palestine Trade Union Federation, Shaher Saad, said that the Israeli police arrested no less than 122 workers from the West Bank, within the 48 territories, last week.

Saad added, in a statement to him, that the Israeli police launched a campaign against Palestinian workers who seek to earn their livelihood and obtain a living, and arrested a large number of them who do not have permits or whose permits have expired.

He pointed out that the information received indicates that the detainees are transferred to detention centers pending their trial, and that the Union is working to collect the names of the detainees to provide them with legal assistance.

The Secretary-General of the Federation of Palestine Trade Unions stated that Israel targets Palestinian workers and applies penalties against them, to the exclusion of other expatriate workers.

He noted that the federation sent a letter to the International Labor Organization, in which it affirmed that the arrest of workers violates the Convention on Freedom of Work and Movement.

The Secretary-General of the Palestine Trade Union Confederation called on the International Labor Organization to intervene urgently to release the detained workers.

Palestinian workers who hold permits suffer at Israeli military checkpoints, where they are subjected to intense searches that take hours.

Palestinian workers, whether they hold permits or not, are looking for work in Israel due to the high wages compared to the West Bank, which forces them to sleep in difficult conditions, in order to provide for their families and their families, due to the high rate of unemployment and poverty resulting from the occupation’s policies aimed at preventing the economic development of the West Bank.

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