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Prisoner’s Club: Khader Adnan’s situation has reached a critical stage

The prisoner, Sheikh Khader Adnan (44 years), from the town of Arraba / Jenin, continues his hunger strike for the 74th day in a row, in rejection of his arrest, and continues his refusal to take supplies and medical examinations.

The Prisoner’s Club confirmed that the prisoner Adnan has reached a very dangerous health stage, and that the risks of his exposure to martyrdom are escalating, day after day, as he is in (Ramla) prison, in tragic conditions, and is being held in a cell equipped with cameras, and the guards deliberately storm his cell repeatedly.

The Prisoner’s Club pointed out that the prison administration refuses to allow his family to visit him, and refuses to transfer him to a (civilian) hospital, despite the extreme danger he has reached.

According to the last visit that the lawyer made to him, the prisoner Adnan suffers from several apparent symptoms, represented by his frequent loss of consciousness, severe weakness and emaciation, great difficulty in concentrating, and he vomits continuously.

A session was held for him on Monday, in the (Salem) Military Court, to consider his request for his release on bail, and during the session, the occupation prosecution threatened to implement forced treatment against him, and during the session it expressed its strict position in maintaining his detention, and at that time the court decided to postpone its response to the request until Thursday.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Adnan has been detained since the fifth of last February, and he had announced his hunger strike since the moment of his arrest, and later the occupation authorities issued an indictment against him, in contrast, Sheikh Adnan rejected all of what was stated in the indictment.

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