Man at Dubai airport shouts “Free Palestine” in front of Israeli passengers

A video clip of a man shouting “Free Palestine” in front of a number of travelers to “Israel” while they were in the waiting hall at Dubai International Airport caused a sensation on social media.

Walid Al-Mutairi’s account published a video clip in which he appears in front of a number of travelers, and his voice is heard in the clip shouting: “Palestine is free..This country is for Palestinian citizens and not for everyone..God gave you two opportunities to become good, but you did not work to correct yourselves…”.

The publisher of the video commented on the clip, saying: “I just wanted to help them, and I am returning from Dubai. I did not bear to let them forget,” adding: “No one gets upset..the people of the Emirates see us dearly.”

A large number of the pioneers of the communication sites expressed what Al-Mutairi did, as one of them commented: “May God whiten your face,” and another added: “Stop, son of the generous, and may God whiten your face.”

Commenting on the video, Israeli journalist Eddie Cohen wrote: “To the honorable Emirati authorities… We hope that this person will be included among the people wanted for investigation because, according to Emirati law, he committed a crime at Dubai Airport and spread hatred, hatred and politics to children under ten years of age…Name: Walid Al-Mutairi will be among the Blacklists and an investigation is required to deter others. “The UAE, a country of tolerance, will not allow the spread of hatred. Thank you to the Emirati authorities.”

The UAE Ministry of Interior commented on one of the tweets related to the video, saying: “Thank you for your interest. The matter will be transferred to the competent authorities.”

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