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Prisoner Khader Adnan continues his hunger strike for the 85th day

The detainee Sheikh Khader Adnan continued the battle of dignity and empty stomachs for the 85th day in a row, rejecting his arbitrary detention in the occupation prisons, amid warnings of his death at any moment; Because of his worsening health condition.

Today, Sunday, April 30, 2023, a ruling session is scheduled to be held at 1:30 pm to decide on the possibility of his release on bail.

The Israeli occupation continues to deliberately obscure the health condition of Sheikh Khader, since he lost consciousness and was transferred to a hospital in the occupied Palestinian territory last week, stressing that the occupation prevents his lawyer and any medical or human rights body from communicating with him or checking his health status.

It is worth mentioning that the occupation prevents the Red Cross and human rights organizations from visiting Sheikh Khader Adnan and examining his health condition and the conditions of his detention.

It is noteworthy that the captive sheikh Khader Adnan is from the town of Arraba in the Jenin governorate. He was born on 03/24/1978. He is married and has nine children. He was previously arrested 13 times in the occupation prisons, during which he spent about 8 years in captivity on the background of his membership and activities in the ranks of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine.

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