Israeli occupation navy injures two fishermen, arrests two others in Gaza sea

Israeli occupation forces injured on Monday’s morning two fishermen and arrested two others off the shore of the Gaza City sea.

The Union of Fishermen’s Committees reported that two fishermen were wounded by rubber-coated metal bullets, one of them in the head, while they were about three miles off the Al-Waha area northwest of Gaza City, from the occupation gunboats.

He confirmed that the occupation navy soldiers fired at the fishermen, surrounded one of the fishing boats, and opened water cannons at them, which resulted in the injury of two fishermen who were subsequently transferred to the hospital for treatment.

The occupation navy also arrested the two brothers, Omran and Ibrahim Muhammad Bakr, and confiscated the fishing boat and transported them to the port of Ashdod, near Gaza.

The occupation freedom deliberately targets fishermen in the sea of Gaza daily and prevents them from practicing the fishing profession

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