After 16 days, Israeli occupation lifts the siege on Jericho

Israeli occupation forces lifted, on Sunday, the siege imposed on Jericho and the Jordan Valley, after 16 days of tightening the checkpoints at its entrances.

Local sources confirmed that the Palestinian liaison had been informed of the lifting of the siege, but the barriers, iron gates and cubes erected by the occupation forces are still present. However, the procedures and the presence of the occupation army are no longer in place.

The siege on Jericho, which is the fourth since the beginning of this year, and its days lasted for about a month, comes after shooting operations targeting Israelis, followed by a series of incursions into Jericho, especially the Aqabat Jaber camp, south of Jericho, which led to the death of nine from the camp. The occupation forces are still holding the bodies of seven. who are they.

These incursions also resulted in dozens of injuries, and the number of detainees since the beginning of this year has reached about 100 detainees, forty of whom are from Aqabat Jaber camp.

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