Israeli Warplanes Killed 9 Palestinians in Several Airstrikes in Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation warplanes committed a new crime at dawn today, Tuesday, by targeting several residential houses in Gaza City and the southern Strip, which resulted in the death of 9 martyrs “so far,” including children and Women, in addition to a large number of injuries.

Al-Kofiya correspondent reported the death of 9 Palestinians, including women and children, “an indefinite toll,” and the injury of others in a series of simultaneous raids on Palestinian homes in various regions of the Gaza Strip.

In Rafah city, a house belonging to the Ghannam family was targeted in the Al-Jeneina neighborhood, which resulted in its destruction. Two martyrs, including a woman, were killed, and about three were injured.

Israeli occupation warplanes also launched raids on a house near the Tower of David in Gaza City and another in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood in the east. Our correspondent talked about the arrival of 4 other martyrs to Al-Shifa Hospital due to the ongoing aggression.

Our correspondent said that among the martyrs was Dr. Jamal Khaswan, Director of the Board of Directors of Al-Wafa Hospital, and his wife, in the targeting of the International Building, west of the Saraya, along with the martyr Tariq Ezz El-Din, who was targeted by the bombing.

Our correspondent also reported that the occupation planes launched raids on the Hittin site of the resistance in Khan Yunis, in the south of the Gaza Strip, and other attacks targeted another place in the central governorate of the Strip, and a third targeted a site of the resistance in the Al-Sha`af area, east of Gaza City.

The Minister of National Security of the occupation, Itamar Ben Gvir, commented on the aggression: “I congratulate Netanyahu on the preemptive activity in Gaza. This is a good start. It is time to change the policy towards Gaza.”

Ahmed Shameya

I'm a Palestinian journalist based in Gaza, and I'll keep you on top of Palestine's latest news.

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