This is how Israeli army carried out its aggression on Gaza Strip

Israeli army spokesman said today, Tuesday, that 40 Israeli Air Force planes participated in the attacks on the Gaza Strip at the same time since the start of the military operation.

The occupation army claimed that it attacked 10 weapons production sites and military compounds of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Gaza.

It claimed that his forces raided sites for the production of weapons for the Islamic Jihad, including workshops for the production of missiles in Khan Yunis,” stressing that the army had achieved all its planned objectives in the Gaza Strip operation at dawn today.

It added, “No time period has been set for the current military operation, but we are ready for all scenarios and we will act according to developments,” noting that planning for the Gaza Strip operation began last Tuesday.

The occupation army pointed out that the personalities it targeted in Gaza had been monitored since the month of Ramadan, and said: “They are the ones who issued direct instructions to launch rockets from Gaza, including what was launched last Tuesday.

Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper pointed out that the operation continued to be planned since the month of Ramadan, after rockets were fired from Gaza in the wake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque events, but for several reasons it was decided to postpone the operation and implement it at an appropriate time, including obtaining a green light from the United States.

An Israeli military spokesman told Kan radio that the operation was planned for about a month, but tonight the opportunity came after golden intelligence information.

The occupation army radio reported that there is a cabinet meeting tonight at 19:00 this evening.

The coordinator of the occupation government’s actions in the occupied Palestinian territories, General Ghassan Alian, announced the closure of the Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings to and from “Israel” immediately and until further notice.

In turn, the Minister of the Occupation Army, Yoav Gallant, announced the imposition of a “special situation” on the home front, and in light of assessing the situation, it was decided to make changes in the movement of roads around the Gaza Strip and to close the roads. exposed to Gaza.

Galant’s office said: “The Minister of Defense, Yoav Galant, agreed a short while ago to activate the plan that allows the residents of the Gaza border to evacuate to the rest of the areas in all cities.

The occupation army closed the roads adjacent to the border fence with Gaza and Zikim Beach, and the movement of trains between Ashkelon and Sderot was stopped, for fear of anti-missile and sniper fire.

Hebrew sources said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the military operation during his recent visit to Shin Bet headquarters last week, and confirmed the plans Friday afternoon.

Defense Minister Galant stated, “The army and the Shin Bet tonight carried out their mission accurately against the Islamic Jihad leadership in the Gaza Strip. Every official who harms Israeli citizens will regret it.”

Israeli sources reported that the Israeli Air Force recruited dozens of reservists in preparation for Operation Shield and Arrow, whether at the Air Force headquarters in Kiria or in the Air Force squadrons.

While other Hebrew sources stated that Magen David Adom raised the state of alert to the highest level in all regions due to the security situation with Gaza.

The Israeli journalist Alon Ben David said: “In” Israel “, they are preparing for a round of fighting with Gaza that will continue, while the Hadashot Hamot website reported that there is a state of high alert for fear of a response from Gaza during the coming hours, as Iron Dome batteries were reinforced in Tel Aviv.

According to the Hebrew Channel 12, the Minister of the Occupation Army, Gallant, agreed to call up reserve forces according to the army’s requirements, while the mayor of Ashkelon ordered the opening of shelters throughout the city due to the security situation with Gaza.

The channel indicated that Ben-Gurion University informed its students that, in light of the security situation with Gaza, studies will be conducted via the Internet only.

On the other hand, it was announced that air traffic would be rerouted to Ben Gurion Airport, while trains south of Ashkelon were stopped.

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