Palestinians mourn two martyrs, Rani Qatnat and Ahmed Assaf in Jenin

Large crowds in Jenin held today, Wednesday, the funeral of the martyrs Ahmed Assaf and Rani Qatanat, who were killed during the storming of the forces of the town of Qabatiya, south of the city.

The funeral procession of the two martyrs departed from the Ibn Sina Specialist Hospital in Jenin, reaching the city center, before the march separated to the Jenin refugee camp and the town of Qabatiya, where the families of the two martyrs are.

The mourners chanted slogans demanding revenge on the occupation forces and settlers.

The body of the martyr, Ahmed Jamal Assaf (19 years old), was buried, after a farewell look was given by his family in her home in the eastern neighborhood of the town of Qabatia.

The body of martyr Rani Walid Qatanat (24 years old) was buried in the Jenin cemetery, after a final farewell look was given to him by his family who live in the camp.

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