Three martyrs when Israeli warplanes targeted an apartment in Khan Yunis.

At least three citizens were killed, and others were injured, when Israeli warplanes targeted, at midnight, Wednesday-Thursday, a residential apartment in Hamad Town, Khan Yunis Governorate, southern Gaza Strip.

Alkofiya correspondent stated that the Israeli occupation warplanes targeted an apartment on the fifth floor of a residential building in Hamad Town, north of Khan Yunis, which resulted in its destruction and damage to neighboring apartments.

The correspondent of Alkofiya stated that the martyrs were transferred to Nasser Hospital, and the ambulance crews dealt with several injuries due to the targeting.

According to the “Alkofiya” correspondent, the two martyrs: Ali Hassan Ghali – a member of the Military Council of the Saraya alQuds, and his brother – Mahmoud Ghali

A spokesman for the Israeli occupation forces said: At this hour, the forces are attacking Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip.

For its part, Hebrew media reported that the targeting operation was carried out with a “high-precision” guided missile and that it targeted a commander in Saraya alQuds, as they claimed.

It also showed pictures of part of the remains of a suicide plane used by the occupation to target the residential apartment in Hamad Town.

Thus, the death toll from the Israeli occupation’s aggression against the Gaza Strip since Tuesday dawn has risen to 25, including children and women, and about 66 injuries, including severe and critical cases.

Ahmed Shameya

I'm a Palestinian journalist based in Gaza, and I'll keep you on top of Palestine's latest news.

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