Palestinians of Lebanon organize activities in solidarity with Gaza and in support of resistance

Palestinian camps and gatherings in Lebanon witnessed today, Friday, a state of sadness and mourning after the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the rise of martyrs, including women and children.

The Palestinian forces and factions, youth movements and institutions operating in the Palestinian sector in Lebanon organized activities, marches and stands in solidarity with the Gaza Strip, and in support of the Palestinian resistance in its response to the continuous aggression on the Strip.

In the capital, Beirut, the “Youth and Student Committee to Support the Palestinian Cause” organized a massive stand on the road to Rafik Hariri International Airport, in support of Palestine and Gaza, and in honor of the blood of the righteous martyrs.

Sheikh Ali Abu Shaheen, a member of the political bureau in the “Islamic Jihad” movement in Lebanon, confirmed that “the Zionist enemy has involved itself in this aggression, and we will not be satisfied to give it a free truce to get it out of this impasse.”

Abu Shaheen considered that “the enemy is living in a state of existential anxiety because of its inability to break the resistance and the Intifada in the West Bank,” pointing out that “since 2000 the curve has changed, and the enemy has not entered a war or a round except that it has emerged defeated,” according to his opinion.

He believed that “the enemy’s goals from the aggression on Gaza are to restore the prestige of deterrence, overcome the internal crisis and arm the Islamic Jihad movement, but what the Al-Quds Brigades did was a clear expression of the enemy’s failure to achieve its goals and to declare its victory in this round.”

In the camps of “Ain al-Hilweh” and “Miya wa Miyeh” for Palestinian refugees in the city of Sidon (southern Lebanon), mass vigils and marches were organized in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in support of the resistance in Gaza, and in denunciation of the policy of assassinations carried out by the occupation army.

The words warned the occupation “and its failed government against continuing its brutal assassinations against the leaders of the resistance.”

He emphasized that “the wise response of the resistance through the joint operations room came to confirm that the Palestinian blood is one and that all the enemy’s attempts to split the ranks of the resistance failed.”

He also stressed that “resistance is the only way to restore the sanctities and liberate the prisoners.” In the city of “Tyre” in southern Lebanon, the Palestinian National Action factions in the “Burj al-Shamali” camp held a public stand, in which representatives of the factions, associations, institutions, clerics and camp activities participated, in front of the camp’s old mosque.

The words emphasized that “the resistance will teach the Zionist enemy lessons that it will never forget,” and the forces and personalities considered in their words that “there is no solution to this criminal enemy except through resistance.”

The words saw that “the resistance is waging a unified battle of ‘Revenge of the Free’, and it is running it with all strength and competence.”

It considered that “the elevation of the martyrs will only increase our people’s strength and determination to continue the path of the martyrs, adding that violating the nation’s constants in Palestine is crossing the red lines.”

For the fourth day in a row, the Gaza Strip is subjected to an Israeli aggression, which resulted in the assassination of five leaders of the military apparatus of the “Islamic Jihad” movement, and the death of 31 martyrs, including 7 children and 4 women, in addition to 94 wounded, and great damage to buildings and facilities.

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