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Detainee Walid Daqqa’s family appeals to President Abbas to intervene for his release

The family of the Palestinian prisoner, Walid Daqqa, appealed to President Mahmoud Abbas in an open letter to intervene to get him out of prison and to obtain real treatment after his health deteriorated.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner, Walid Daqqa, is from the city of Baqa al-Gharbia in the 1948 territories, and has been detained for nearly four decades, and his health has seriously deteriorated recently after he contracted leukemia.

The message issued by the family of the detainee, Walid Daqqa, said: “Mr. President Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazen”, we appeal to you with this urgent appeal to take immediate action to save the life of the prisoner Walid Daqqa, the son of Baqa al-Gharbia, the son of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the son of Palestine, who is currently battling death in family hospitals. at the occupation. Our appeal will be as short as the short period available to us to save the prisoner Walid Daqqa, who is now spending his 38th year in captivity, after he completed his unjust sentence since March 24, 2023, and after all exchange and release deals exceeded him, including the last batch of prisoners inside the Palestinian territories in 2014.

They added: “The occupation prison authorities were not satisfied with the policy of deliberate medical negligence against the prisoner Walid Daqqa after his injury since 2012, but rather harmed him in the treatment process, until he contracted myeloid fibrosis cancer in 2022, and one of the consequences of the policy of slow killing of the prison authority was that it led To the removal of most of the right lung, stomach damage, heart failure, and vital body systems from April 12, 2023 until now. The prison authority continues to deliberately abuse the prisoner, Walid Daqqa, even in his alleged treatment, by constantly transferring him between the prison “clinic” and hospitals in occupied and central and southern Palestine.

They continued in her message: “We launched a campaign to release the prisoner Walid Daqqa more than two months ago, and we mobilized for it, with the help of the prisoners’ institutions and the loyal ones of our people, a massive mass movement that has not stopped since then, throughout historical Palestine, the Arab world, and the world. The only demand of our campaign is: the immediate release of the captive Walid Daqqa so that he can receive treatment without restriction. As we address you today with this appeal, we hope that your official effort will support the popular effort, urgently, through your personal and immediate intervention, and instruct the actors of the State of Palestine, the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health, the Department of Negotiations Affairs, the Civil Affairs Authority, and the security services The relevant, to exert the maximum possible pressure on the occupation authorities, and to seek the help of Arab and international channels, to achieve three demands, simultaneously:

First: The immediate cessation of blatant medical abuse against the prisoner, Walid Daqqa, by continuing to transfer him between regular hospitals and the clinic of the slaughterhouse in Ramla prison. The requirement is to keep him in the regular hospital until his imminent release.

Second: The success of the legal process for the release of the prisoner Walid Daqqa, which is supposed to be decided in the court session that will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, in Ramla, through political and security pressure, and by all possible means to obtain a positive decision for release.

Third: Your Excellency’s personal intervention to obtain an immediate release from the presidency of the occupying power in particular, which is what the health and legal condition of the prisoner Walid Daqqa provides.

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