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Prisoner’s Club: The continued deterioration of prisoner, Muhammad Al-Khatib’s health condition

Prisoners’ Club said today, Tuesday, “The health condition of prisoner Muhammad al-Khatib (40 years) from Tulkarem, who suffers from chronic health problems in the back (severe herniated disc), is constantly worsening as a result of the crime of medical negligence (slow killing), which is carried out by the prison administration.” occupation of his right.

The club stated in a statement that the suffering of the prisoner, Al-Khatib, who has been detained since 2003 and has been sentenced to 21 years in prison, began about two years ago, and he faced stages of medical neglect, which caused him great difficulty in movement, until he became dependent on a wheelchair to meet his needs, or Dependence on his companions, in addition to the severe pain that accompanies him around the clock, which led to his loss of the ability to sleep.

Today, prisoner Al-Khatib relies mainly on analgesics for treatment, which, according to prisoner Al-Khatib, have become useless in the face of the pain he feels.

The club said: “Procrastination operations, which constitute the most prominent tools of the crime of medical negligence (slow killing), were practiced against the prisoner Al-Khatib in a systematic and clear manner, whether by delaying his transfer to the hospital, as well as conducting medical examinations, and providing him with large quantities of painkillers, which caused him later with additional health problems.

He added: “Despite the claims and the efforts made by some parties to ensure the provision of the necessary treatment for him, the procrastination continued, and eventually led to the aggravation of his health condition, and this also led to his need at every stage for a new course of treatment, and in every Once he needed a new effort to ensure he was treated.”

The club indicated that, on April 13, 2023, the prisoner, Al-Khatib, was transferred to Soroka Hospital, after many claims, but it became clear after his transfer that he did not undergo the necessary examinations, nor was he presented to the doctor who was supposed to examine him, and he was returned to the hospital. (Negev) prison without result.

It is worth mentioning that the number of sick prisoners in the occupation prisons is more than 700, including more than 200 prisoners who suffer from chronic diseases.

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