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Jordan excludes Israeli officials from attending crown prince’s wedding

An Israeli official said that no Israeli official was invited to attend the wedding of Jordanian Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II to Saudi Miss Rajawa Al-Saif, on Thursday, according to the Israeli “Times of Israel” website.

He said that this comes despite the fact that the main guests are members of the royal family from all over the world, and some ambassadors of some countries, including the United Kingdom, have been invited.

He added, “The Israeli ambassador to Amman was not invited, nor was President Isaac Herzog.”

The wedding ceremony will begin with the marriage of the Crown Prince to Ms. Rajwa Al-Saif in Zahran Palace in the capital, Amman, which is the palace that witnessed the wedding of King Abdullah II and the late King Hussein bin Talal, and there will be a red procession that the newlyweds will walk through and roam a number of streets in Amman, while in the Husseiniya Palace It will hold a reception on the occasion of the wedding.

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, the mother of the groom, had hosted a dinner a week before the wedding ceremony at Raghadan Palace, attended by many princesses, ladies and girls, in the presence of the families of the newlyweds and female personalities from different regions of Jordan.

King Abdullah II will hold a large dinner party known in Jordan as “Al-Qara” in the presence of members of the royal family, statesmen, officials, ministers, notables, deputies and dignitaries of clans and camps, young entrepreneurs and other representatives of popular and official events in Jordan.

Arab and international leaders and leaders of countries and public figures are expected to participate in the wedding ceremony of the Jordanian Crown Prince.

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