Gaza: 1980 cases of total demolition have not been reconstructed until this year

Statistics of the Ministry of Public Works in the Gaza Strip documented, on Sunday evening, that there are 1,980 cases of total demolition that have not been reconstructed until now, since the Israeli aggression in 2008 until 2023, with a total of $97.5 million, while more than 90,000 cases of partial demolition are still pending. The Moment Didn’t Fix It grossed over $108 million.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Jawad Al-Agha, said: “The August 2022 aggression left 41 cases of total demolition, not one housing unit has been reconstructed so far, as well as more than 1,700 partial demolitions, 1,300 housing units still have not been repaired.”

While the total demolition amounted to 1,700 cases during the 2021 aggression, with a total of 78 million dollars, and the partial damages amounted to 60,000 cases, with a total of 42 million dollars, indicating that the remaining gap of total demolition cases amounted to 638 housing units that were not reconstructed at a cost exceeding 38 million dollars. 450 of them are located in residential towers that have not yet been reconstructed.

As for the years 2018/2019, they left 273 cases of total demolition, and more than 3,400 cases of partial damage, while the remaining gap amounted to 212 cases of total demolitions that were not reconstructed, and 3,000 cases of partial damage that were not repaired.

Al-Agha explained that 11,000 housing units were completely demolished during the 2014 aggression, and 162,000 housing units were partially damaged, while the remaining gap amounted to 781 cases of total demolition, at a cost of more than 34 million dollars, and more than 59,000 cases of partial damage, at a cost of 79 million dollars.

He said, “We have cases before the 2014 aggression that remained pending and have not yet been reconstructed. 189 housing units were completely demolished and not yet reconstructed, at a cost of $7.4 million, while the total partial damages that have not yet been repaired amounted to $13 million.”

He added, “The most disturbing file for us and pending until this moment is the file of the residential towers, which were mainly targeted in the aggression of 2021, as the total cost of their reconstruction is about 30 million dollars,” indicating that there is an Israeli veto regarding the rebuilding of these towers.

Al-Agha called on all donor countries to fulfill their promises regarding the reconstruction process in the Gaza Strip, and to end this disturbing file that affects the lives of the residents of the Strip.

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