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 Prisoners insist on continuing their escalatory steps

The Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs reported today, Monday, that the committee emanating from the Higher Emergency Committee and related to administrative prisoners stressed the continuation of the struggle steps, after the failure of the dialogue with the occupation prison administration, which ended a short while ago.

In a statement, the commission stated that the meeting in which the committee, which represents the factions, participated, presented all its demands to the intelligence and prison administration, represented in: stopping administrative detentions and their absurd renewal, the release of the sick prisoner Walid Daqqa, an end to the punishments against the prisoners of the Islamic Jihad movement, and an end to Isolate the female prisoners in Ramla, and stop all forms of escalation and violations.

The commission clarified that the response of the intelligence and prison administration was negative, as the policy of threats and intimidation was used before the committee and its demands were rejected, which turned the meeting into a state of tension and boiling.

The Commission held the occupation prisons administration and its intelligence fully responsible for what will happen to the conditions inside prisons and detention centers, expressing its concern about the existence of retaliatory intentions that will be exercised against the prisoners during the coming period.

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