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Serious indications on use of administrative detention

The Commission for Detainees and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs called on today, Tuesday, human rights and humanitarian institutions to intervene immediately and exercise their influence and relations to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop the policy of administrative detention, which has become a sword wielding all the Palestinian people.

The commission revealed the latest data related to this policy, and its excessive use, from the beginning of this year, as the past May witnessed the issuance of 302 administrative decisions, including 130 new administrative orders and 172 extension orders. At the same time, the number of those released and detained as a result of administrative decisions did not exceed twenty detainees. This is an indication that the number of administrative detainees is on the rise rapidly and frighteningly.

It indicated that the total number of administrative detention decisions during the past five months of the current year 2023 (new decisions and renewal orders) amounted to 1,302 decisions, which raised the number of administrative detainees in general to nearly 1,200 detainees.

The Commission confirmed that the use of the administrative detention policy in this manner and approach comes in implementation of the instructions of the extreme right-wing government, and is a dedication to the demands of the extremist minister Itamar Ben Gvir, who stated that pursuing the released prisoners is one of his most important tasks, and therefore nearly 90% of the administrative detainees are Released prisoners who spent different periods in the occupation prisons.

The Commission stressed that the next stage is difficult and dangerous, as the administrative detainees are preparing to wage an open hunger strike, and to confront the policy of collective punishment for which they and their families are paying, as their demands in this direction are clear, which is to stop using this policy, which is now threatening all the children of The Palestinian people in all its categories.

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