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Prisoner Ali Al-Rajabi suffers severe pain prevents him from sleeping

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs confirmed today, Sunday, that prisoner Ali Hassan Abdullah Al-Rajabi, 47, from Hebron, who is in Gilboa prison, suffers from severe back pain that prevents him from sleeping, while the prison administration is satisfied with giving him only painkillers.

The commission said, after its lawyer Sherine Iraqi visited the sick prisoner, Al-Rajabi, that he suffers from severe back pain over the course of 24 hours due to the presence of cartilage, and that the pain began to spread to the joints, which prevents him from sleeping at night and moving normally during the day, in addition to the presence of a constant fever. In the soles of the feet, the cause is unknown, and he lost 20 kilograms of weight to relieve pressure on his joints, but to no avail.

It added that prisoner Al-Rajabi went several times to the prison clinic, and the orthopedist confirmed to him that he needed urgent treatment, imaging, and a ramotolog examination to find out the causes of the pain he was suffering from, in addition to providing a special medical mattress so that he could sleep. However, the prison administration procrastinated, as usual, by providing The necessary treatment for him, and suffice with painkillers only.

The prisoner Al-Rajabi had previously suffered from the presence of cataracts in his eyes, and he underwent an operation in May last year, and his condition is now good, noting that he has been detained since 7/3/2003, and he was sentenced to 18 life imprisonment.

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