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17 sick prisoners in Ramla Hospital prison facing harsh conditions

The 17 sick prisoners languishing in Ramla Hospital prison face severe health conditions in light of the deliberate medical negligence by the occupation, and the failure to provide them with real medical care.

Al-Ramla Hospital includes the most difficult patients in the occupation prisons, who suffer from chronic diseases such as cancer, kidney and heart failure, permanent disabilities, and the seriously injured, all of whom do not receive adequate medical care except at the minimum level in Al-Ramla, despite their special and exceptional circumstances.

Despite the serious condition of the sick prisoners, they are subjected to many forms of abuse, and the occupation deals with them in a bad way. They are transported by bosta while they are tied at the hands and feet.

The occupation authorities do not provide sick prisoners with food suitable for their condition, and delay for long periods in conducting necessary analyzes or x-rays for patients, and they are tied by their hands and feet in hospital beds, while their rooms are subjected to continuous raids and searches, and their medicines and personal belongings are confiscated.

Among the sick prisoners in Ramla is the cancer-stricken prisoner Walid Daqqa, whose health condition is critical, as well as the wounded prisoner Fatima Shaheen, who was moderately wounded after being shot and taken to the hospital.

It is noteworthy that the prisoners implemented today, Tuesday, an escalatory step by partially closing the departments, in protest against the behavior of the Ramla Hospital prison administration and the neglect of the treatment of the prisoner, Walid Daqqa.

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