Thousands participate in funeral of Palestinians murdered by Israeli soldiers in Jenin

Hours after the Israeli army withdrew from the northern West Bank city of Jenin following two days of incursion that resulted in the killing of 12 Palestinian civilians, five of them minors, and the injury of more than 140 others, the funeral of nine of the 12 was held today in Jenin refugee camp attended by thousands of people.

The funeral procession started from Jenin Government Hospital, where the bodies of the dead were kept, heading to toward the refugee camp.

People carried the caskets of the nine on their shoulders as they walked through the streets toward the cemetery where the nine were buried next to each other. Two of the 12 killed were buried yesterday while the third was sent to his hometown, Maythalon, a town near Jenin, where he was buried.

Palestinian officials and faction leaders attended the funeral as participants called for international protection for the unarmed Palestinian civilians in the occupied territories.

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